’24 Fallen Leaves’ Art Project is a Sight to Behold

Two self taught artists –  Kristi Botkoveli (Nancy Woland) and Beka Zaridze come together to an create art that will transport you to another world.

This Georgian couple’s artwork involves making autumn leaves into something more spectacular.
Their art project ’24 leaves’ gets its name from the day they met.

As they were once walking together in a park, they noticed fallen maple leaves. Nancy picked one of them and looked at Beka and that’s when they started this magical endeavor.

Here are some of their breathtaking pieces:

1.   Romantic Couple on a Moonlit Night

2. Two Little Pandas

3. Cat Pendant

4. It just gets better 

5. The Solar System 

6. Neon Spring

7. We just couldn’t get enough

Check out @24.fallen.leaves for more.

Feature Image Via Facebook/24 Fallen Leaves

[H/t: Happybrainy.com]