40 Years Later Elvis Presley Fan Sings With Him!


Blue Christmas was Elvis’ favorite Christmas song. When Elvis filmed his 1968 “Comeback” TV Special, Martina McBride was not quite 2 years old.

Forty years later the country singer steps back in time to join Elvis in one of the coolest Elvis Presley videos I have seen.

Well, she didn’t actually sing with him, but in this cleverly-edited music video, it looks completely like she did!

Blue Christmas is one of Elvis’s most famous songs, and when she created a music video to go along with her new duet, Martina really took pains to make it seem like she was really there when The King was recording, even though she was only a kid when he died!

The duet Martina performed with Elvis is a technical marvel.

Martina filmed her duet parts in front of a green screen and the producer, George Flannigan says it took four weeks to piece it together.

So now you can watch the video. Enjoy!