4th Grader Invents Brilliant Life-Saving Device


Children often have the ability to think outside the box and see things in a unique way that puts adults to shame. Usually, kids apply their inventive imaginations to things like stories and games, but sometimes they come up with something surprisingly useful.

Take fourth grader Sophie Rapson. She had a school project, and the only instructions were to invent something that had never been invented before. What she came up with was both amazingly thoughtful and brilliantly inventive!

Fourth-grader Sophie Rapson had to invent something for her school’s “Invention Convention,” and her only instructions were to come up with something that had never been created before. As it turned out, Sophie went above and beyond!

She had a brilliant idea, and with just a few simple items and her mom’s help, Sophie put together an invention that was not only totally unique but was also potentially life-saving!

Sophie giving a live demonstration!
Sophie giving a live demonstration!

See Sophie explain her brilliant invention and provide an impressive demonstration of how it works!



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