5 Most Bizarre Lakes Around the World

There are many lakes around the world, but there are some that are just are so astonishing that you would question if they really existed. Indeed the world is a marvelous place and nature is sometimes so miraculous.

Here are 5 unusual lakes around the world that will blow your mind:

1.  Jelly Fish Lake, Palau

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If you are seeking out for something adventurous to add to your bucket list, then consider the Jelly fish lake. This lake allows you to swim with countless harmless jelly fish.

2. Lake Superior, North America 

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Largest of the great lakes, this lake lets you surf in it’s waters. Sounds quite unusual right? We all thought that we could only surf at oceans. But turns out that’s not true. If you are a brave surfer this is a region to consider.

3. Boiling Lake, Dominica 

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This is a lake you wouldn’t dare to put your feet inside. The lake boils usually at the center but the surrounding areas also manage to get heated up. This fascinating wonder happens due to volcanic activity in this region.

4. Laguna Colarado, Bolivia 

This lake is a red shallow salt lake that makes you believe that you have stepped into a painting.

5. Lake Hiller, Australia 

In the midst of the eucalyptus evergreen forest lies a spectacular pink lake. It’s aerial view definitely look like a solid bubble gum.