5 Issues We Can Relate to While Taking the Perfect Selfie

A serious question to ask oneself is – do you remember a time when there was no concept of taking selfies. No Snapchat and its extra added filters and all that one had to rely on taking pictures was Polaroid cameras. But with the advent of selfies we have seen people spending more time on getting the perfect picture rather than enjoying the place or moment.

We compiled a list of five issues all of us can relate to while taking the perfect selfie:

1. When your battery is almost over

You know what’s worse than running out of storage? Your battery being at 2% and you are still trying to update your story on snapchat. We all totally can relate to that.

2. When someone photo-bombs your selfie

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Imagine a time where your having a good hair day, your make up is on point. The lighting couldn’t be more perfect. But someone comes and photobombs that precisely perfect moment. Yes, I am sure we al can relate to that one.

3. Not able to add a selfie to your Snapchat story

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The moment you think you have got the perfect selfie with your bestie and your just about to add it to your story, and your best friend stops and says she doesn’t look perfect in this one. But, “Hey, I look perfect.”

4. Bad lighting

While you might look great with that outfit but the lighting is messed up so you can’t add it to your story. Too bad.

5. Someone calls while you are just half way through

Couldn’t your mom have found a better time to call you? Everything was just perfect – lighting, face and more.

[H/t: @Sarcasmlol.com]

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