5 Places to Settle in India After Retirement

There used to be a time when retirement in India simply meant living close to family and children.

But times have now changed and many people want to retire on their own terms and at a place of their choice. Retirees from other countries, both Indian and foreigners, are also looking at India as an interesting retirement destination.

Here are some options you might want to consider as a destination after retirement:
1. Goa

vagator beach

Goa has always been looked as an exciting holiday destination, a place with sandy beaches, amiable people and a fun ambiance.
But in the recent past it has also started gaining popularity as a retirement destination. Places like Assagaon, Nachinola and Siridao are quiet, pollution-free and safe.
Goa, is also a really beautiful place especially during the monsoon season. It’s laid back attitude can be a place to consider to spend your retirement days.

2. Pondicherry

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Pondicherry is a town with a coastline of 32 kilometers. This beautiful  town features backwaters, fishing villages, palm-fringed beaches, beach resorts, the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, the international city of Auroville and a lot more. It is also slowly opening doors for retirement homes like including Aishwaryam and Covia.

3. Chandigarh

This city has known to be a senior citizens haven. The first planned city of India, after Independence. This city is a great destination for the pleasant climate and peaceful  environment. Chandigarh also has excellent medical facilities.

4. Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Winners take time to relish their work, knowing that scaling the mountain is what makes the view from the top so exhilarating. / Valpaarai

Set in the heart of spectacular mountain ranges, Coimbatore has always been among the best tourist places in India. It is modern, yet rich in historical importance. It’s also popular among retirees, especially defense personnel. The plus points of living here include the low cost of living, reduced pollution, good year-round climate and a cosmopolitan culture. The city’s infrastructure and health care is considered to be among the best in the country. Compared to other industrial hubs such as Chennai, land is relatively cheaper here.

5. Wayanad, Kerala

Beauty of Wayanad

This state is known to be “God’s Own Country”. Wayanad is a perfect place for retirees as it provides them with a peaceful and a lush green environment. With an increase of retirement homes coming up in the recent past, this place is something you would like to consider.


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