These 5 Shoe Inventions are a Must Have in 2017

Shoe fanatics are always looking for something new to add to their wardrobe. And, with the evolving technology we may have something promising for the year of 2017.
This video showcases 5 most innovative inventions to make your shoes a lot more easier to use.

1. P- One by Power lace

Shoe laces are something we can’t really do without. But the idea of tying and untying them all the time is all quite tough. At power lace they go beyond the Velcro straps, while ensuring that you still have the same comfort as a shoe lace would provide.These are revolutionary self lacing shoes that adjust to your body type. So move over laces, the P-on his here.

2. Night Runner

The idea of having an LED shoe lights itself fascinates me. But the added features are just a bonus. It’s light weight and water resistant technology would want you to walk and run in areas you haven’t yet discovered. So illuminate your path with the night runner.

3. Shooz

Create your own Shoes with Shooz. They work on the concept of Skin + Sole = Shooz. These customizable shoes will make you shift from casual, sporty and classy.

4. Zubits

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Laces present some challenges but we all couldn’t do without them. With zubits there is way. These are small, magnetic bits you can attach to your shoe.

5. Wiivv

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At wiivv, they craft perfectly customizable sole. Coz every one deserves their own sole.

Watch the video below: