6 Smartphone Hacks That Are Actually Useful

While most of us are now addicted to smartphones and usually rely on our smartphones for everything its quite necessary to know some simple and easy hacks that do not require downloading any new app or software. These are particularly useful and some are just stunningly awesome that you’ll wonder how did someone even think of these.

1. Did you know you could click pictures with the help of your earphones?

Screenshot (Youtube)

2. With the help of a cello tape and a few rubber bands you could mount your phone into this non expensive tripod

Sceenshot (Youtube)

3. There is an easy and inexpensive trick that helps you charge your phone with the help of another smartphone.

Screenshot (Youtube)

4. Add a drop of water to the lens of the camera and covert your phone into a magnifying glass

Screenshot (Youtube)

5. Enhance the power of a flash light by placing a bottle of water on it.

Screenshot (Youtube)

6. Build your own speakers with an empty bottle or use it as a pocket to charge your phone

Screenshot (Youtube)
Screenshot (Youtube)

Watch this entire video by MrGear to learn these useful smart phone hacks: