7 Incredibly Creative Inventions That You Can Actually Use

There are some strange inventions out there in the world. But then there are once that are absolutely brilliant and you would wonder who the genius was behind these inventions. We compiled a list of the most unique and useful inventions according to us.

  1. The HoodiePillow Case

Up your travel game with these pillow cases. A great way to relive stress and make sure you have an uninterpreted sleep.

2. The Ruggie Alarm Clock

This alarm clock that snoozes only once you step on it is for all those who have a hard time waking up. The most fascinating part is not stepping on it to snooze it but it also allows you to record your voice and make sure you have got your morning motivation right.

3. Potato Chip Grabber 

We all know that one person in our life who is too sophisticated to pick up chips with their fingers. This potato chip grabber is surely going to make them mess free.

4. Full Body Umbrella

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It was about time that someone thought about this great idea. Now make sure you cover your entire body when its raining. The only possible thing that could happen during a strong wind is you getting blown away with it.

5. Baby Stroller with a Scooter 

This amazing invention by roller buggy converts into a run of the mill baby stroller into a scooter that lets parents transport baby around town.

6. A Backpack with an extra arm 

This Japanese invention really helps ease the stress of texting with this amazing invention. If you are a smartphone addict, add this to your list.

7.  A Toast Messenger

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Burn messages on your toast. Make breakfast mornings a lot more fun an interactive with this invention.

Feature Image Via @ThinkGeek