7 Scrumptious Desserts from India That are Worth a Try

We all love to eat desserts and when it’s about Indian desserts, we have a vast variety that it’s impossible to talk about every dessert.

Here are 7 Indian desserts that are worth a try:

1.  Bebinca – Goa

Bebinca is prepared with eggs, coconut milk, jaggery and sugar. It’s basically a pudding with lots of layers in it. Bebinca tastes heavenly, when served with chilled Ice Cream.

2. Basundi – Gujarat

Basundi is very famous dessert of Gujarat. It’s prepared with thickened milk, sugar, saffron, almonds and pistachios. This semi-liquid dessert is quite similar to North Indian Rabdi.

3. Badam Kheer – Punjab

Badam Kheer is very popular among all the North Indian States, but it’s mostly prepared in Punjab. This Thick and Creamy Indian dessert is prepared with the mixture of almonds, milk, sugar, cardamom powder, ghee and saffron.

4. Chhena Poda – Odisha

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Chhena Poda is basically Indian Cheese Cake and this dessert is prepared from baked ricotta cheese. It’s prepared with cheese, sugar, cardamom powder, semolina and nuts. This Dessert of Odisha is the perfect treat for the Dessert Lovers.

5. Malpua – Jharkand 

This popular dessert of Jharkhand is mostly prepared during special occasions and festivals. Malpua is prepared with milk, sugar, flour, mashed bananas and later deep fried to make it crispier.

6. Mysore Pak – Karnataka 

This Heavenly good dessert of Karnataka is the great mixture of ghee, chickpea (besan) flour and sugar.

7. Shufta – Jammu and Kashmir 

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Shufta is mostly prepared on every special occasion and festival. It’s a great mixture of nuts like almonds, walnut, pistachios, cashew nut and coated with sugar syrup.

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