Amazing Cliff House: Now Live Like The Flintstones


Built in 1986 and overlooking 52 acres of the Montezuma Canyon is one of America’s most spectacular homes, affectionately named ‘Cliff Haven’. The owners were inspired to build this cliff house by the Anazasi Indians who lived here hundreds of years ago.

The property is completely self-sufficient with fresh water, an orchard, a vineyard and is powered by solar panels. It also comes with all the modern amenities you’d expect like WiFi, phones and Amazon delivery.

The 2100-square foot property is built inside a cliff, under a huge red rock formation and comprises of nine rooms, including three bedrooms and two baths. A tunnel behind the house helps with water runoff and creates a natural fresh air circulation system.

The home is well equipped to handle emergencies with propane and a backup diesel generator. There is also a huge cistern that collects rainwater and a detached two-car garage.

Taking care of the home and the property is becoming a monumental task for the aging couple. They are now planning to find young owners who’ll love the home as much as they do and who will continue to build on what they’ve already created.

Get ready to feast your eyes on some of the best shots of this amazing off-the-grid property.

Cliff House in Utah

The Cliff House Comes With All Modern Amenities

The Entry To the Garage

The Entire House is Powered By Solar Panels

An Amazing Property In a Terrific Place

A House Where Nature Takes The Center Stage

A Peek Inside the Cave House

No Greater Pleasure Than Living With Nature

Wish I Had An Eco-Friendly House Like This One

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