Aquatic Themed Coffee Tables Bring The Ocean to Your Living Room


Using the Caribbean as his inspiration, designer Alexandre Chapelin brings the beauty of the ocean indoors with his aquatic coffee tables. The artist combines natural stones with deep blue resin which have been placed in different layers to achieve a realistic depth. The resin is poured on the rough and hollowed stone unequally at different intensities and at different times to create several shades of blue.

The LA Table concept was born in 2015 after more than two years of meticulous research. The tables are undoubtedly influenced by Alexandre’s immediate surroundings on the small Caribbean island of Saint Martin where his studio is based. Made to order, the artist works closely with the future owners to ensure that the piece reflects their taste and personality.

Alexandre’s latest creation, “Starry Sea” combines the best of both worlds. The table’s surface is designed to reflect twinkling stars on a delightful sea surface. Embedded with LED lights, this ornamental piece of furniture can be controlled via a remote or an app on your phone to create a starry night sky. Every piece of their lagoon tables is unique as no two blocks of marble are alike.

Amazing Design

Luxurious and Sophisticated

An Awesome Concept

Made of Resin and Natural Stone