Archery Gone Wild: Danish Artist’s Unbelievable Skills With The Bow And Arrow


The history of archery dates back to the late Stone Age and played a significant role in the armies of many countries until the invention of firearms. Today, archery is more of a sport than a martial discipline where individuals practice shooting on stationery targets.

Lars Andersen proves how stale modern archery has become by resurrecting archery skills dating back centuries. Lars is a Danish painter who has learnt to handle the arrow more spectacularly than his paintbrush. He was drawn to the sport after attending a medieval war role play game and watching his friends who ran as they shot, in contrast to stationery target archery.

He is a real-life archer whose amazing skills with the bow and arrow puts your legendary and fictional archers like Hawkeye, Katniss, Legolas, Robin Hood and others to shame. He is able to fire arrows with both his right and left hand at moving targets, while jumping in mid-air, hanging upside down, running backwards and shoot with his feet as well.

He is capable of performing some insane feats like catching an arrow shot at him and shooting it back while in mid-air as well as split an incoming arrow into two. Lars also holds the record for being the fastest archer in the world today. He is able to shoot 10 arrows in 4.9 seconds or 3 arrows in 0.6 seconds.

How did he get so good? Lars realized that ancient archers used entirely different techniques, in a much more dramatic style, than the archery we’re familiar with today. He began to research old manuscripts and aided by experts and old masters in the art of archery, he developed his own system.

To see the archery maestro in action, click on the video below.

The Archery Maestro

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