Are Mermaids Real?


We are told stories that mermaids, half woman and half fish used to flirt with sailors, pirates and other people who used to travel through oceans in past. There are numerous novels and movies which portray mermaids. The history of these fictitious creatures is thousands of years old. Is this creature only a fiction or a real existing living organism which is hiding from human eyes?

Usually, it is a straight forward answer to this mystery that mermaids are not real because currently, no solid evidence has been found to prove their existence. But what Animal Planet, the documentary channel shows is attention diverting. Previous year, this channel made a documentary named “Mermaids: The Body Found” which brought some proof from a collapsed corpse found among dead whales, and people who saw mermaids and video tapped them. For example, there is a recording in which fisher men caught a strange creature which had upper body part like an ape and webbed hands.
This year, ‘Animal Planet’ has aired sequel of its previous documentary, an interview of scientists which is named “Mermaids: The New Evidence” which brings further evidence into documentation. The role of scientists in these docufictions is enacted by actors on behalf of real scientists. One main point of these documentaries is that ruling bodies are either hindering research projects or not yet ready to expose the untold facts about mermaids. Second main point is that actual mermaids are not what portrayed in fiction and stories. But foundation of mermaid myth might be the fact that there is a strange creature which travelers who traveled through oceans saw and made stories and images about them with marvelous twist.
there are possibilities that there is an unidentified ocean creature which looks much like a fictitious mermaid. That is its upper body part is like an ape and lower like a whale or fish. One more thing to state, it is a mere stupidity to say that man knows everything about this Earth. No, he does not. This planet is much vast and bigger than his imaginations and carry things about what he has not even dreamed of. New species of animals are consistently being discovered. Fascinating and mind blowing discoveries are made in every field of life. Human may not know what is buried hundreds of miles deep under its feet. And based upon  the same mindset, I can say that existence of mermaids like animal is undeniable. All it requires is a solid scientific evidence to prove that mermaids like creature may exist.