This Artist Brings Dead Flowers And Foliage Back To Life


Bridget Collins is a botanical artist, writer, painter and more importantly a nature lover from Seattle. She has become one of the most sought-after floral artists and is popularly known as the ‘Flora Forager.’

She loves to venture into the mossy waterfalls, flowery woods and the starry expanses of the Pacific Northwest. Bridget forages almost all of her creations from flowers, leaves, sticks, and berries plucked from the sidewalks, meadows, and woods in her neighborhood.

Inspiration comes naturally for Bridget who has an eye for beautiful, interesting objects and transforming them into works of art. Patterns and colors from different cultures also inspire her to create floral mandalas and designs.

She arranges the flowers and foliage into intricate shapes and uses natural colors to create a sense of depth. Her art includes floral mandalas, seasonal collages and whimsical pieces of butterflies, fairies and animals of all kinds.

Bridget’s work is a perfect example of how you can discover beauty and magic in unlikely places. Take a look at some of her fantastic creations below.


Those Petals Look Like Real Feathers

Leaves, Petals And A Berry For The Eye

Infusion of Nature And Art

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This One’s Got To Be One of The Very Best

The Four Seasons