Artist Builds Cute Little Houses For Birds That Visit Her


Jada Fitch is an artist and wildlife illustrator from Portland, Maine. She’s also a self-professed bird lover who enjoys birdwatching and illustrating them in her drawings.

Using cardboard, she creates lovely little homes for her tiny feathered friends. Jada then decorates the inside walls of the box with watercolor paintings to make them a bit more inviting.

Finally, she attaches the portable homes to her window and fills them up with tasty treats for her little friends. She waits and watches for the birdies and then photographs or films them as they come and go.

Unfortunately, she can’t keep the homes outside indefinitely as they aren’t waterproof and cannot keep the squirrels out. But the birds do get to spend a few hours everyday in these cozy little dwellings.

Take a look at some of the amazing shots below:


American Goldfinch Pays A Visit

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Hungry Birdie Pinching a Snack

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Birdie Inspects The Decor

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Too Many Visitors Today

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A Sneak Peek

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