Artist Captures Historic Landmarks In Puddles


All of us love to travel but most of us don’t embark on the journey with a unique perspective. Meet Guido Gutierrez Ruiz, a photographer from Canada, who pictures amazing travel photos using his smartphone.

In 2011, after swapping his camera for a smartphone, Ruiz began snapping iconic landmarks across America and Europe. He uses his Google Nexus 5 phone to capture breathtaking images of everything from nature to buildings.

Ruiz likes to point out that what makes a great picture is not the equipment – but the moment that’s captured. To create the one-of-a-kind image, he uses creativity, speed, element, perspective and depth. The use of light, shadows and reflections can create stunning images.

With just an 8-megapixel camera, Ruiz has been able to capture some of the best photos across the US, Canada, France, Italy, Spain and many more.

The below pictures will showcase his remarkable talent.


Madrid, Spain

Rome, Italy

Toronto, Canada

Paris, France

New York, USA

Barcelona, Spain