Artist Creates Amazing Dreamboxes With Paper And Light


Brittany Cox is an independent full-time artist from Seattle whose world revolves around paper, light, dreams, and art! She always had a knack for working with her hands and dove into the world of dreamboxes in March 2016.

Her fascination for dreamboxes grew when she was invited by a friend to an art gallery. Seeing a beautiful light box and the combination of drawing, paper cutting, and light helped Brittany rediscover her passion for art.

Each dreambox is created with a unique vision and every design is hand cut and hand drawn. The box consists of layers of watercolor paper that are spaced with strips of foam core board and backlit with LEDs. It is then placed in a shadowbox frame that can be hung on a wall.

The paper and light combine to create gorgeous scenes to light up your home and imagination. The ultimate aim of these beautiful dreamboxes is to bring a little cheer into someone’s day, even if its only for a moment.

Get ready to marvel at some of her mind-blowing artworks below.


A Dreamy Sunset

Cave ‘n’ Bones

Avatar Dreambox


In The Jungle

Rising Tides