This Artist Creates Massive Sculptures With Only Sticks


Patrick Dougherty is an internationally acclaimed artist who creates colossal art installations out of tree saplings. He bends, weaves and flexes saplings into architectural sculptures that dynamically relate to the landscape and built environment around them.

His interests in carpentry, sculpture, and nature led him to experiment with sticks as an art medium in the early 1980s. Over the last 30 years, he has created more than 250 of these artworks in locations around the world.

An interesting fact about his art installations is that the sticks are held together by nothing but the sticks themselves. No frames, twines, or adhesives are used as the sticks are connected by their natural tendency to grip onto each other and tangle.

While Patrick begins his project with a set plan of what he is going to construct, his works change and evolve during the building process. Finding the right sticks is a constant challenge, but is part of the adventure of his art-making.

Check out some of his amazing creations below.


Stickwork by Patrick Dougherty

The Way The Sticks Have Been Woven Is Amazing

Another Shot of The Artwork in Winter

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Simply Terrific

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Another Masterpeice

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Simply Too Good For Words