Artist Transforms Rooms Into A Virtual Maze of Time And Space


Peter Kogler is an internationally renowned artist from Vienna, Austria. He is one of the pioneers of the computer-generated art and has been playing with spatial illusions since the 1980s.

His work adopts an approach based on cinema, architecture and digital media. Moreover, it also includes the major art trends of Minimalism and Pop Art.

Using paint and projections, Peter makes ordinary galleries, lobbies and transit centers look twisted, misshapen and distorted. The hypnotizing line designs on the floors, walls, and ceilings seem to move and bend the space in unnatural ways.

Peter has worked at the intersection of architecture and new media to construct both immersive environments and sculptural elements that seem to redefine physical spaces for over 30 years.

His optical illusion art is no doubt bold, engaging and eye-catching. Step into one of his dizzying rooms, and your sense of depth and sanity is sure to feel challenged.


Amazing Installation

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Floor, Wall, Ceilings All Out To Confuse You

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Can’t Go Any Further?

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This Is Crazy!!!

Running Out of Words to Describe This

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Simply Mind-boggling

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