Artist Turns Ordinary Stones Into Colorful Hypnotizing Mandalas


Elspeth McLean is an Australian artist currently based in Canada, who collects round beach stones and turns them into colorful mandalas. Her creativity knows no boundaries and the artist describes her style as vibrant, loving, original and ethereal.

Elspeth prefers to use acrylic paint and creates her intensely colorful and intricate artworks entirely out of dots. Painting dots is a meditative and grounding experience which is so enjoyable and has become so embedded in Elspeth’s art process, that she even coined the term ‘Dotillism’ to describe her unique style.

To create her hand-held mandalas, the artist draws influence from nature, the cosmos, seasons, ancient art and her travels. For Elspeth, color is the way to express and celebrate the colors of her soul and spirit. Themes found in her artwork include love, friendship, embracing personal growth, harmony with nature, dreaming and celebration of life.

Through her art she hopes to connect people with their inner child and to bring vibrancy and joy to their lives. She believes in the healing influences of color and art which led her to achieving her Diploma in Art Therapy. Her mandalas are hypnotic to look at and fill your eyes with color, inspiration and delight.

Beautiful Stone Mandalas

A Stunning Design

Different Colors Come Together

Really Soothing to The Eyes

Colorfully Hypnotizing Stones

A Different Type of Art

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