This Artist’s Sandcastles Are Truly Out-of-the-box


Calvin Seibert is a New York based artist who is an expert in building sandcastles. Growing up in Colorado, Calvin spent a lot of time on construction sites. Playing with the large mounds of sand left behind, Calvin soon discovered his passion for sand sculpting.

For Calvin, sandcastles are more than just a hobby. Growing up in a neighborhood that was constantly under construction, he always had that affinity for architecture.

His sand structures are inspired by modern architecture. With a simple toolkit of pails and putty knives, he creates spectacular modernist sandcastles. His sculptures are minimal in appearance, yet complex in form.

Calvin says that he rarely starts with a plan. He either follows the path he begins seeing as forms take shape, or attempts to contradict it with something unexpected.

Take a look at some of his amazing sand sculptures below.


Designed To Perfection

Geometric Shapes From Sand

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Simply Too Good

Jaw-dropping Art

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How Does He Get The Bends

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This is Simply Over The Top