Australian Man Captures Kangaroo Fight Of The Century Right Outside His Window


In most parts of the world, if you look out your front window, you might be lucky enough to catch sight of a hummingbird land on the feeder, or perhaps a grazing fawn as it delicately munches on the grass.

In Australia, however, you could end up spotting the Pay-Per View special of the decade. That’s what happened to Rodney Langham when he looked outside and had to rush for his camera. After hitting record, he caught footage of the most Australian street fight of all time—between two, burly kangaroos!

An Australian man spotted the street fight of the century—between two kangaroos—outside his house one day. Things started off with the fighters sizing each other up…

Very quickly, however, they really got into it.

That was only the beginning…

Wow. What a rare opportunity to watch a Kangaroo duel! According to Rodney, the debris blowing across the street is fur. Hopefully both of these fellas are okay now and have learned to settle their differences in a more civil manner.

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