Blast From The Past: 10 Things Every 90’s Kid is Sure to Remember

Every decade has had something unique that they will remember for the rest of their lives. This 90’s were the age were the transition to the internet had just begun and mobile phones were starting to get a little more popular.

Here are 10 things that only every true 90’s kids will appreciate.

    1. Floppy Disks

Remember these? The only way you could manage to store data.

2. Nintendo Game Boy

When your parents finally bought this for you. Nothing could compare to that happiness.

3. Pop Rocks 

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The candy that caused fireworks in your mouth.

4. Calculator Pencil Case

An innovative pencil case that you could show off with at school.

5. Heeleys

You were considered a cool kid if you owned one of these.

6. Walkman

Something you know that no other generation will get to experience. Every travel adventure needed this.

7. Pokemon Cards 

#Tbt to trading these cards.

8. Scholastic Book Fairs 

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Deciding which book you will buy at the book fair.

9. Teletubbies 

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A show that would create nostalgia to every 90’s kid.

10. Penpencils

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These pen pencils that had a scented eraser. And you would need to keep changing the led constantly.

Let us know any other things that would create a nostalgia for you as a 90’s kid.