Blue Sea Sparkle Puts On a Spectacular Show Around the World

As dreamy as it may sound, the blue sea sparkle around the world is definitely a sight to behold. Yes, we are talking about the bio-luminescence phenomenon caused in the sea due to microorganisms that emit light.

The most amazing fact is that it is a natural phenomenon and is caused due to stressed out sea creatures.

Many of us may have witnessed this sight in the movie “Life of the Pi” but there are many places in the world that emit a glow from the waves during the night and the sight will leave you awe-struck.

Here are 9 places to witness this sight:

1.  Fajardo, Puerto Rico

2. Matsu Island in Taiwan

3. Tasmania, Australia

4.  False Bay Coast, Cape Town, South Africa

5.  Thailand

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6. Jamaica 

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6. Quantab Island, Muscat, Oman 

7. Jarvis Bay, Australia 

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8. Africa 

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9. Vadhoo Island, Maldives

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