Bored of Cats And Dogs, People Now Turn To Exotic Pets


Countries like the US, Canada and Australia are witnessing a strange trend where exotic pets are becoming more popular. Thanks to inconsistent and outdated laws and bylaws, people have managed to get hold of unusual pets.

Moreover, people argue that if cats and dogs can be domesticated, why not others. Exotic pets seem like a good alternative to those who are allergic to cats and dogs.

Many of these pets and their owners continue to make headlines regularly. The challenge of bringing up a wild animal and their fondness towards that animal species is what motivates people to own exotic pets. Now lions, tigers, ocelots, reptiles, ferrets, monkeys and more can become a part of your household too.

People feel that a non-native animal or a non-traditional pet will provide them with a new learning experience. And let’s not forget that they stand to gain financially too. Some exotic pet owners are, at the same time breeders who sell the offspring of their pets to other interested buyers.

Humans and animals need to coexist peacefully and these exotic animals would be better off in their natural habitats. But illegal trades in exotic pets are increasing and local governments must tackle this issue with utmost priority.

Click to view the video on exotic pets below.