Can a Whale make a big splash in a school gym?

That’s the subject of a video that went viral, raising all kinds of questions about how and why, and also the age-old conundrum: What is reality?
Many sceptics dismissed it as a post-production clip used to promote a company called Magic Leap. Obviously the whale is not an actual whale, but whether the hologram actually is visible in person is the question puzzling everyone.
“It’s a promo. It’s fake,” one person commented.

Another said it appeared to be basically like watching a movie: “Looks like a large screen and the only real kids are at bottom of screen. Kids against wall don’t react.”
Others were awed and just wanted to know how it worked, if it worked.
But no one seems to know exactly what Magic Leap is. All people seem to be saying is: Magic Leap is about to change reality as we know it.
“Augmented reality” is what Magic Leap has been working toward, and the company is rumoured to be incredibly secretive about how that works.
The viral whale video, though, is sparking hope in people who want to see an end to marine mammal captivity in places like SeaWorld, where live animals are bred for the sake of keeping them in tanks for human entertainment. This technology could be magical enough to make keeping real live animals in tanks a thing of the past.
“It’s a cool concept for sure,” a commenter wrote, “but the tech has been kept all secretive. We’ll see if they can deliver!”
There were many questions from the tech-savvy sceptics, “Is this a green screen? Is it Post-production edit? Everyone on the internet seemed to be baffled and curious.
While the whale clip is unclear whether it represents the technology or was manufactured to look like it, one thing’s for sure: Augmented reality is coming … whether or not we know what it is.
So let us for a moment suspend our disbelief and our doubts and enjoy what we are seeing in the video, like watching a 3D movie!
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