Capturing Emotion of Places Through Photographs


Mikko Lagerstedt is a self-taught freelance photographer from Finland. The scenes we see in his photographs will transport us into a world of fantasy.

A good photograph doesn’t just come from having a top end camera. It lies in the skill of the photographer as they believe that beauty can only be perceived with a serene mind.

Mikko’s journey into this art form began while out driving one summer evening. Witnessing the fog rising from the fields when the sun came out, made him stop and watch this beautiful moment. It simply inspired him to capture more of these sort of moments.

He loves to take pictures at night and dawn. He writes. “There is a sense of mystery every time I take a long-exposure, and you can’t know how the picture will turn out. It is one of the key things that inspires me to capture night photographs.”

Take a look at his photos and you’ll feel like you’re visiting a mystical wonderland!

Frozen Pines

Coast of Pori, Finland

A Gorgeous Winter Evening

Sunrise or Sunset

Northern Lights in Finland