Colorful Courtship Dance of The Birds-of-Paradise


Birds-of-paradise are amongst the most beautiful animal species on our planet and a stunning example of evolution. There are an estimated 42 species of birds-of-paradise and they are primarily found in the island of New Guinea.

The rich variety of their plumage and spectacular courtship displays are what sets them apart from other species of birds. To spot these unique birds one has to venture into the dense mountain rain forests of New Guinea and northeastern Australia.

The males have quills, plumes, frills, lacy feathers, with tails that may look like expandable fans, whips, and more depending on the species.

The males are truly amazing and as varied as their colors when it comes to courtship. The below video features how a male tidies up his display area and performs various moves to attract the females.

The adult males are capable of displaying a variety of dance moves. Displays can include charging and then posturing stiffly, hanging from limbs, or alternately freezing and spinning.

Check out the amazing video of an adult male practicing his dance moves below.