These Crafty Cats Are The Masters of Disguise


Nature has bestowed cats with a number of skills. They can hunt, they can climb, can sleep for up to 16 hours, and they always land on their feet.

Did you know that they’re also the masters of disguise? They’re perfectly good at hiding or staying still. More notably, some of our furry friends have developed a skill to hide from their owners by means of camouflage.

Check out the pictures below for instance. We may not be able to spot the cats in all the pictures, but we’re pretty sure they’re in there somewhere.

Time to put your hide and seek skills to the test.

Cat And Dog Blend

Just A Mat With Cats. Oh Wait!

A Master of Disguise

If You Spot The Kitten, You’re A Genius

I Spent Ten Minutes Trying To Locate The Cat In This Pic

Cats Are Much More Than Stealthy

Now, Where Is The Cat In This Cupboard?

The Cheshire Cat

A Furry Hat Or A Cat

[H/t: boredpanda]