Cute Christmas Kitty Purr-tects Its Gifts


‘Tis the season for everybody to get pampered in some form or another. Even though you may dress your pets like a mini Santa Claus, they may not be as affable as the man in red.

You might have seen dogs rip into their gifts with an excitement that rivals any young child. Some owners look under the tree on Christmas morning and find that their pets have more presents than they do.

On the surface, pets look so adorable in their Santa Claus attire. But do the owners really know what’s on the minds of their pets when it comes to sharing gifts.

The truth is, your pets don’t really care about Christmas and just want to get hold of all the goodies. They are not willing to share the gifts with anyone, not even with their owners who feed them everyday.

In the below video, a cute and cuddly cat is lounging on a bed of gifts. Every time the owner tries to grab a present, the cat gets his claws out to keep them away.