These Cute Little Icons Will Make Your Day


With their wide eyes, rosy cheeks and a smile that will sweep us off our feet, who doesn’t find babies adorable? The times you spend with your baby are totally priceless.

Some parents do find novel ways to have fun with their kids. These munchkins can be made to look more charming and captivating by dressing them up in fancy clothes.

The video below features the little ones dressed in the costumes of Beethoven, Bob Ross, Queen Elizabeth and other legends. With wigs bigger than their heads and some really cool outfits and props, the babies really impersonated the icons.

Some of the toddlers are happy with their outfits while others look confused as to what’s happening. And of course, they have no plans of being cooperative during the photoshoot.

The end of the video shows what they like doing best. Pulling off their wigs and crawling away!

Check out the adorable transformations in the video below: