Cute Little Scientist Makes A Tornado In His Home Lab


Meet Oliver Shafer, a 5-year old from Salt Lake City who is taking the internet by storm. He is probably the world’s most cutest and adorable scientist. Barely in school, Oliver is a huge science nerd and even has his own science lab.

Although we find certain lessons in science to be dull, Oliver knows how to liven up the topics with some practical videos. He also knows how to inject a bit of humor in his clips.

The below video shows the youngster creating a home-made tornado in a jar. The lab coat and safety glasses with accompanying nerdy scientist hair show that he is a true professional.

He begins the video by taking the viewers through the items needed for the experiment to work.  And if that’s not enough, the little professor even provides some interesting facts about tornadoes.

Oliver concludes by saying: ‘I like tornadoes because they create funnels.’