Discover Austria’s Magnificent Castles

The mystic mountains of Austria are filled with some of the most majestic castles. These castles look like they were pulled out from a fairy tale.

Austria has dozens and dozens of castles, but here are 5 castles that will take your breathe away.

1.  Schloss Schönbrunn

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Due to it’s historical park, this place has become one Vienna’s tourist attraction. Each year this place is filled with Easter and Christmas markets. It is the biggest castle in Austria, and, since 1996, a UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

2. Riegersburg

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It is said that this is one of the strongest fort in the Occident. If your a historic fan this is a place you must visit. It’s also quite an adventure to climb this hill.

3. Hofburg

It was the place were the Wiener Kongress met, and still is the center for political businesses, and the official seat of the president of the Republic of Austria. There are several buildings which form the Hofburg, not just the home of the president, and cultural institutions are also located there.

4. Festung Hohensalzburg

This popular tourist attraction forms a part of the beautiful skyline of Salzburg. It lies amidst the mountains thus providing stunning views.

5. Burg Hochosterwitz

Burg Hochosterwitz is located on an 150 meter-high rock. Today, it is a popular place for historical-based excursions.


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