The Disneyland of Food Has Been Launched In Italy


When it comes to food and wine, Italy is the country that strikes our minds. With its roots stretching to antiquity, Italian cuisine has no doubt taken the world by storm. Last but not the least, these tasty Italian recipes have steered the country into opening its markets abroad.

Now the country is planning to take its culinary achievements even further by opening up a 20-acre theme park outside Bologna. Called ‘FICO Eataly World,’ it’ll be all things Italian. The venue aims to spread the knowledge of Italian food and wines. In addition, this place will also become a hub for foodies on the lookout for unique tastes and experiences.

The park will be equipped literally with all aspects of Italian cuisine and drink, from farm to the fork. It includes gardens, fields, chickens, goats, cows, sheep, fish ponds, a market and stalls. That means you can harvest wheat from the fields and make pasta or make cheese after milking the cow.

There’ll be winemakers, beer brewers and professional chefs on hand to give you lessons on their methods. Sounds pretty interesting and absolutely epic, right? It’s time for all you food lovers to book your tickets to Bologna.


Fico Eataly World, Bologna

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