Don’t Miss Cute Lil Girl’s 2017 New Year Resolutions Plans


Cute little girl’s 2017 New year Resolutions. Watch this Video to Change your Life.

This 5 Year Old Girl Explains:

I Have a Problem With New Years Resolutions, not because they often fail or because they are too difficult and not because  I am bad at them either.
I mean, I have only been alive for four new years… No, I have a problem with Resolutions because people think that that’s it, its the one time to change.
Now don’t get me wrong we definitely all need change. I have no idea how to ride a bicycle and my little brother has no idea what a toilet is for and some of you… Yeah, you should probably get out of the house more but one big decision probably is not going to do it…. Sorry.
So now what? flush your resolutions down the Toilet?… The one my little brother can’t use? Of course not! Keep your resolutions but go easy on Yourself will you change? Maybe
But it Probably Won’t happen in one big moment it will happen in thousands of little moments every time you choose to forgive or slow down or be grateful or stay calm.
Each little moment that you choose …………… What’s right instead of what’s easy, Faith instead of Doubt, Love instead of Hate that’s where the change happens!

Conclusion of Resolution: Even if u fail one or two or thirty times you got 1000 more chances to make little moments ahead of you & you will get better.