Easy and Quick Trick to Remove a Stuck Ring

Most of us would have gotten into this situation at least  once in our lives- a ring that is stuck to your finger and nearly impossible to remove. You are out there trying every possible method from calling friends you know for a solution to applying vaseline or soap. These methods may still work if you haven’t swollen your finger.

But let’s say you have a swollen finger too, then it is really hard to get the ring off your finger. You finally just just give up and give in by cutting the ring off the finger. This is definitely not a great idea.

But we found a hack that can help you solve this problem, and trust us the method is so easy and absolutely inexpensive. Dr Simon Carley demonstrates it in the video below.

All you need is a thin string and you are saved from the trouble of a stuck ring.

This trick works wonders!

Image Source: Pinterest