Espen Fadnes: The World’s Fastest Flying Human


Espen Fadnes is an extreme sports athlete from Molde, Norway. He is a professional freeride skier, basejumper and wingsuit flyer who travels across the world in search of adrenalin filled projects.

One of his most notable stunts include leaping off the top of a cliff through a gorge in Stryn, Norway. Espen soars through the gorge at an astonishing 155mph. People with this sort of courage surely deserve our admiration and applause.

In the video, Espen looks calm and collected before jumping off the 4068 feet cliff. However, he admits that he is actually terrified and he’d just developed techniques and methods to cope with the fear.

Wingsuit flying is nothing new for Fadnes, who won the ProBase Wingsuit Race in 2010. But daring jumps like these can be as good as a trip to a psychologist.

Check out the video below: