Explore the phantasmagorical world of Kawachi Wisteria Garden

The dictionary defines ‘phantasmagorical’ as having a fantastic or deceptive appearance, as something in a dream or created by the imagination. Well, that describes Kawachi Wisteria garden in one word.
Welcome to Kawachi Fuji-en or the Kawachi Wisteria Garden. Located in the wooded hills south of Kitakyushu in Fukuoka, Japan, this private garden is a must-do pilgrimage for flower lovers everywhere.
This paradise that some say is the most beautiful garden in Japan in the entire world only blooms for a fortnight every year.
When we arrive, the first sight of the garden with its carpet of wisteria flowers takes our breath away. Imagine clouds of cotton candy floating above a green landscape, and you’d have a dreamlike vision of a magical wonderland.
Wisteria is a type of flowering climbing plant native to Japan (but also to China, Korea and the eastern United States). In Japan, this ornamental plant is called fuji and its pendulum-like flowers are carefully displayed by allowing the vines to clamber up trees and pergolas. There is an art to this and the Japanese excel at it.
Here you will see a magical blend of Nature and architecture. The tunnels and the natural bamboo trellis work is something every architect can take home.

Scroll down for video after you take in the breathtaking pictures.

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