For Your Eyes Only: Picture Perfect European Villages


The villages of Europe have all the beauty and allure that the human eye desires to see and experience. What makes a village pretty is its picture postcard scenic value combined with ideal seclusion and serenity.

These tiny villages are a perfect idyllic retreat to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Let’s get to know some of these gorgeous getaways across the continent.


Monemvasia, Greece

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This town was separated by an earthquake from the mainland of Greece. With the Mirtoon Sea, rocky hills on the island and old castles, it has all the ingredients.

Albarracin, Spain

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As you enter this village you get a feeling of being in the middle ages. It has been declared as a UNESCO world heritage site because of its tranquility, narrow streets and medieval architecture.

Bibury, England

Bibury is considered to be one of the most picturesque villages on this planet. The Arlington Row, a row of weavers cottages built of local stone is a major attraction for all tourists.

Gruyeres, Switzerland

Another village in Europe with breathtaking views and the medieval architecture. The place is famous for its cheese and you can enjoy hiking and sports as well.

Bled, Slovenia

Renowned for its mild, healing climate and thermal lake water, Bled is one of the most beautiful alpine resorts in the world.

Colmar, France

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This town is like a fusion of France and Germany. A range of architectural styles, from German Gothic to French Neo-Baroque can be spotted here.

Manarola, Italy

The colorful cliff-side town is located in northern Italy. Manarola is one of the five tiny towns in a section of the Italian Riviera known as Cinque Terre.

Hallstatt, Austria

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Hallstatt is considered to be the most beautiful lake-by village. It is a UNESCO heritage site located between Salzburg and Graz.