These Fairytale Cottages Will Make You Forget Your Homes


When we were children, imagination had few boundaries. Navigating into the realm of fantasy play was something natural. As children, we would’ve often dreamed of living in a fairytale house with a lot of mystical creatures.

Humans are sometimes driven by an excessive obsession to turn their dreams into reality. Though not all of them may come true, the concept of fairytale houses is slowly beginning to take shape.

So, how do you go about building your very own fairytale cottage? First of all, you need a rural setting that is a perfect hideaway. A small wicket gate, cobbled pathways, curling roofs, majestic chimneys and any other design that stems from your imagination can go into the building of your lovey cottage.

And if you do find a few fairies and elves or witches and vampires, you would transcend the realms of your fantasy. Take a look at the below cottages and I’m sure that most of you will leave your old homes in a heartbeat.


Hobbit House

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Nautilus House, Mexico

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A Fairytale Home in Japan

Is This For Real

Wish I Had A Home Like That One

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This Is Magical