Fallen Leaf Art: A Trend That Is Taking Over Japan


When it comes to creativity, Japan is a country that excels beyond compare. The people in the land of the rising sun do possess a secret ingredient – animation.

What do you expect to do with fallen foliage? If you’re thinking of sweeping and throwing them into dumpsters, think again. The Japanese are engaging themselves this winter by turning fallen foliage into stunning pieces of art.

‘Ochiba’ or ‘fallen leaf art’ has taken the nation by storm with the young and old alike getting in the trend. Now it’s not just during spring that you get to see the vibrant colors of Japan. Tourists can witness the splendor of Japan in autumn too with this incredible leaf art.

The trend involves sculpting, raking, and arranging the foliage into attractive shapes, patterns and designs. It’s actually a very cool idea to bring those boring pathways and sidewalks to life at no cost at all.

Check out the amazing artworks below.


Winnie The Pooh

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Beautiful Patterns

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This is Too Cute

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