Five Amazing Inventions That You’ve Never Seen Before


Over the years humans have developed an insatiable appetite for invention and innovation. The level of competition is so high that firms simply cannot let go of an opportunity to innovate, experiment or invent.

The below video features some of the coolest and most incredible inventions that most us probably didn’t know about. These futuristically designed inventions are nothing like you’ve ever seen before.

1. The PEBL

The PEBL is a four season velomobile bridging the gap between a bike and a car. A fully enclosed, hemp based, pedal electric vehicle made for any season.

2. Sisyphus

A mesmerizing, beautiful table that creates eye-catching patterns and designs.

3. Bixpy Jet

The Bixpy Jet is the smallest propulsion system that is designed to attach to virtually anything that needs a motorized boost in water.


4. goTenna Mesh

An off-grid communication gadget that allows you to send messages when you’re away from cell towers and WiFi.

5. MelloShip

The MelloShip is a solar-powered and motorized hammock boat. It offers an incredibly comfortable way to relax on the water.

Watch the video to learn more about these gadgets or contraptions that are creating waves on the internet.