Flash Mob Takes Beethoven’s “Ode To Joy”To Another Level


Flash mobs — when a group of people appear in one location unexpectedly and usually put on some sort of rehearsed performance — have practically become a staple of YouTube in recent years.
While one would expect it to quickly become a tired phenomenon, we’ve seen so many creative variations on it that viewers continue to seek them out. ‘
According to our YouTube search data, big interest in the term “flash mob” started to rise in mid-2009 and remained steady until last December, when it hit a huge peak around the holiday season’s most popular trend.

My favorite Flash mob is “Ode To Joy” because it does not seem rehearsed and every performer moves in spontaneously. It is also amazing how a Classical piece can bring in such a large appreciative audience in a public place. It got 12,736,156 views.

I also liked the touch of the little girl giving a coin to the street musician and is in for a surprise.

Watch the video. Truly infectious and entertaining.