These Folks Show That Even Log Piling Has Become An Art


You can never underestimate the power of art. It can take on a multitude of shapes and forms depending on the creativity of the artist. Even mundane objects like logs, leaves, metal scarps and bottles can be turned into a form of art.

People who store wood for the cold winter months have come up with a clever idea of arranging huge piles of logs into beautiful art forms. These logs actually present quite an array of colors, shapes and textures depending on the type of wood and how it is cut.

A creative eye and a bit of patience is all that’s required to get going. Once you figure it out, even the most mundane jobs can become exciting or interesting. Dozens of people have now turned their jobs of arranging huge log piles into a hobby.

The below examples prove that human creativity never ceases to amaze.


This Log Stack is Like a Beehive

Logs Arranged Like a Fallen Tree

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Hog Made From Logs

Looks Like An Ancient Log Temple

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Now This is Really Cool

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A Cozy Log House