French Photographer Takes Street Art To The Amazon Rainforest


Philippe Echaroux is a French photographer and street artist. He is the inventor of concept Street Art 2.0, a project called “Paintings with lights”. It kicked-off in his home city of Marseille in March 2014 and created a buzz in several countries.

Philippe has used the Brazilian rainforest as a dramatic canvas to spread the word on environmental protection. In this light and photography installation he projects the images of the Surui people on the trees of the Amazonian rainforest.

The tribe has been a victim of massive deforestation and gold washers who do not hesitate to violate the Indian’s territory to seize deposits of precious stone. Discussing the inspiration behind the project, Philippe says: ‘When you cut a tree, it’s like putting down a man’.

His illustrations are meant to remind the international community of the ongoing threat of deforestation and illegal logging in the region. Furthermore, the work also highlights the intimate connection between the native people and their land.

The project is the first in a series of world premieres with heart-rending environmental messages. Take a look at some of his stunning works below.


A Surui Tribe Member

Ephemeral Street Art In The Amazon

Stunning Street Art Shows Victims of Deforestation

Taking Down a Tree is Like Killing a Man

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Art With a Purpose