Have Fun Watching this rare 70 year old Oscar winning Animation Film

Tom and Jerry cartoons have been a favorite through many generations. The mad capers between Tom the cat and Jerry the mouse is legendary and has a pride of place in the annals of animation history.
Jerry the mouse outwits Tom the cat every time and you applaud Jerry the underdog.
Tom and Jerry cartoons never ever fail to lift my spirits.
I found this Oscar winner which I thought I must share.
This Tom and Jerry masterpiece is spectacular. It is so creative and funny. 
Remember, those were the days when artists painstakingly and lovingly drew each frame. There was no digital animation.
Created 70 years ago, it won an Oscar.  
Watch how the performance – the Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 is in perfect sync with the animation!
It was produced in Technicolor in 1946 by Metro Goldwyn Mayer.