This Girl Eats Mouth-Watering Food Around the World

Melissa Hie, is a popular blogger who loves to travel and eat. (Two of the best things in the world). Her Instagram account – thegirleatworld will appeal to anyone who loves food.

Her account started in the summer of 2013, and has grown to 356 K followers.

We just couldn’t stop drooling at her pictures from the most iconic places.

1. Delicious Moon Cake from Singapore, China Town

2. This Green Tea Ice Cream fro Kyoto, Japan

3. Pisang Goreng (Banana Fritters) at Mount Rinjani Crater Rim In Indonesia

4. White wine moment at Australia 

5. Kandil Simidi  (bread ring decorated with sesame seeds) in Istanbul

 6. A modern take on traditional snack Gai Daan Zai (or eggette) from Hong Kong

7. Pudina paratha at Taj Mahal, India

Feature Image Via @girleatworld