Guardian Angel works Miracles and Hope for abandoned child

The Danish aid worker Anja Lovén who saved a starving Nigerian boy from certain death after his family disowned him for being a witch has shared a photo revealing his miraculous recovery just one year later.
Anja Lovén, is seen standing on a dirt road, giving water to an emaciated little boy holding a few pieces of cracker in one hand.                                                                                                              
Heartbreaking: Hope (pictured), was emaciated and riddled with worms when he was discovered naked and wandering the streets on January 31 by Anja Ringgren Loven, a Danish woman                                                                                 
Rescued: Hope was abandoned by his family because they thought he was a witch and was found in the streets by Anja Ringgren Loven
The transformation is incredible. Hope is a little boy, now chubby and healthy.                                  
Incredible transformation: This picture was published less than two months after Hope was found and shows just how much his health has improved since his rescue
“A rescue mission that went viral, exactly 1 year ago when the world came to know a young little boy called Hope,”
Since the photo was posted on January 30, it has been “liked” over 34,000 times and shared another 8,000 times.
Lovén first saw the toddler walking, naked and alone, through the dusty streets of Uyo in south-east Nigeria one year ago.
Believing he was a witch, the child’s parents had abandoned him eight months prior, leaving him weak, malnourished, and riddled with worms. Moved with compassion, Anja, who has a young son with her husband, David, took the child under her wing and gave him a powerful name: Hope.
The child was taken to hospital the same day, where he was given medication to get rid of the worms in his stomach and daily blood transfusions to raise the number of red blood cells in his body.
“He got the best treatment we could give him and everyday my team and I was hoping that he would survive… Very quickly we discovered that Hope was a very strong boy– a little fighter,” she recalled. For the first time we saw a smile on Hope’s face.”                                                                
Healthier: Hope is pictured looking at a book with two other children. He looks nothing like the starving boy found by Anja Ringgren Loven, a Danish woman living in Africa, on January 31
Today, Hope lives at a home run by the Lovéns dedicated to helping “witch children” and is healthy and thriving – and like any little boy, loves playing football.
Hope’s story has touched hearts around the world, and Lovén revealed that her organization received $1 million in donations over the past few months.
“My team and I are so overwhelmed by all the love we are receiving from all over the world,” she said. “This is something we have never dared to dream about. We have been fighting this superstition for many years and finally the whole world is looking at the important work we are doing.’                                                                                                                                                    Courtesy: Daily Mail