Heart Donor’s Mom Meets The Man With Her Son’s Heart


This is such a poignant and bittersweet story.  This certainly plants an important seed in one’s mind.  Tim’s mother Ellen, certainly did a wonderful job raising such a kind, noble, and caring young man.  Congratulations Ellen on bringing such a fine young man into this world.  Nobody can ever take that away from you.  May  memories bring you comfort as well as the fact that your son lives through all of the people that he has saved.  And yes, you are still a beautiful and wonderful mother. Remember, now, you have gained four new kids.  And Tim is still with you, Ellen.  RIP Tim.                                                                                                

John the recipient says when he met Tim’s mother and saw Tim’s photograph it was overwhelming. He says he does not have words to express his gratitude and he received his second gift when he met Tim’s mother, his guardian angel.

This is such an inspiring story.                                                                                              


In sharp contrast, you can buy an organ in China within a week’s time.  Hospital web sites in China till recently advertised short waiting times for organ transplants. Due to the increase of available organs for sale in China, many foreigners travel there for transplantation.

10,000 organs are transplanted in China every year, even though China has no effective national organ donation system. Where do the organs come from?

70 million people practicing Falun Dafa, a peaceful spiritual practice with exercise and meditation became the soft target and are being killed on demand to supply an ongoing illegal organ transplant industry. Falun Dafa practitioners are systematically imprisoned, tortured and killed for their organs. Their bodies are often cremated so that there is no evidence left.  If you would like to know more watch this video: Killed for Organs    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvAOOwvJMZs